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Our story

Our love for high quality products with unique characteristics , made us create a company of Greek products, which we obtain naturally from Greek land. We cooperate with producers and bottlers, who are taking care of the products’ high quality, until the products arrive at our company. Then we have a cooperation with specialized factories, which are handling only individually products. So we secure that you will satisfy to the maximum level.

Letter ω is a Greek word  which in ancient Greek language is an exclamation.

Accordingly to how it’s written, it means something different.

It declares marvel for something, it declares an address, it’s a symbol in physics and mathematics, and it is also the 24th letter of the Greek alphabet.

We chose the  as an identity of our products , because we know that they are adorable.

The spelling that we use, means an address.

So, it has a double meaning. We admit the consumer to taste and admire our products.

We cooperate with high standards factories. Combined the high quality of the producers, we success our target. We satisfy our consumers.

For more information about our company and our product line please download our PDF.

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